Voyage - fly away

It's okay... I liked it a lot more at first, it is kind of like a cooling cucumber. It feels cooling to the nose sort of like menthol.

However, after smelling some better frags, this one smells very synthetic and I can only handle it every once in a while. My stomach starts to hurt after smelling it a lot and I get really tired of it.

Every so often you get a whiff that smells like the ocean that is nice but the syntheticness overpowers most of the time and is just not as enjoyable.

Other people that have commented on it on me however seem to like it a lot and it lasts and projects for a very long time.

I'll stick to once every few weeks in the summer for this one -- I much prefer warmer scents now than this type

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"Trying to pick out a favourite is nigh on impossible such is the strength of each drawer sounds" Sussed - A Users Guide to Modernism

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Voyage - Fly AwayVoyage - Fly AwayVoyage - Fly AwayVoyage - Fly Away