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Disco Inferno formed in 1989 in Essex by teenagers Ian Crause (guitars and vocals), Paul Willmott (bass), Daniel Gish (keyboards) and Rob Whatley (drums), although Gish soon quit the band to join Bark Psychosis , leaving Disco Inferno to become a trio. [3] They were initially a post-punk band heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and Wire , [2] releasing their first album Open Doors, Closed Windows (1991) alongside the "Entertainment" single, also from 1991, and 1992's Science EP, all of which were compiled onto the compilation In Debt (1992). [4] However, Crause soon became infatuated with the unique sounds of bands My Bloody Valentine and the Young Gods , as well as the Bomb Squad 's revolutionary production and sampling on the music of Public Enemy , [3] and with the release of the Summer's Last Sound EP, released later on in 1992 by, the band's musical style changed towards sample-based electronic sounds. [2] The band "hit upon a seemingly simple but ultimately world-opening idea" with the EP: to write their instruments through samplers , and unlike their contemporaries who sampled elements of music, film dialogue or other media, Disco Inferno "engaged with the whole world", using their set up to record sounds ranging from running water, the wind, whistling birds, boots, car crashes and angry voices. [5] Crause had purchased a Roland S-750 sampler with his savings and started programming towards the band's sound for six months. [6] In a 2011 interview, Wilmott recalled of the era:

Disco Inferno - ScienceDisco Inferno - ScienceDisco Inferno - ScienceDisco Inferno - Science